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Cathedral Sunroom Design

A Cathedral Sunroom provides the perfect fit for many homes

The Cathedral sunroom is characterized by a high, vaulted ceiling that floods each room with natural light. Cathedral sunrooms can be designed to make each room fit seamlessly with the existing architecture. Often used for entertaining, this room can turn an everyday activity into a rich experience.


While there are glass roof cathedral designs, the advantages of a solid roof cathedral sunroom begin with the cost savings over glass roof cathedral, straight eave or conservatory designs. The allure of a glass roof is universally understood and enjoyed, but that extra view does come at an added cost which might be just outside someone's budget. To find the right sunroom for you, it is important to consider the value that each style provides.


The Cathedral design could be an ideal option with a tall view in the center to allow light to pour into the room and windows on three sides with a slider or frech doors. There are some who prefer to have this middle ground of light exposure with a solid roof where it is just enough to make the room an exceptional experience but just enough coverage to be comfortable. Many consider it the perfect balance of cost and living space enjoyment.

Skylights are an option to adjust the light exposure, as are solar tubs or sun tubes, which collect sunlight and reflect it inside as a light fixture.




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